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Community Service Hours Opportunities 

We know there are need for many to earn community service opportunities. To make finding and earning those community service hours we have laid out opportunities here. If you would like to inquire more please contact us directly as the bottom of the page. 


Clothes Closet Donation Center

In the Clothes Closet Donation Center you will work organizing and sorting through donations of clothing. This includes hanging up clothing, sorting through looking for stains or holes and discarding torn or worn clothing.


Playground Cleanup 

For this project you will be working on mulching, painting, and cleaning up our playground area. 


Landscaping and Weeding

This is an ongoing project to plant new plants and weed around the existing plants. A few times a year we will replace the mulch. 


Church Clean Up

This is an ongoing project throughout the year. You can vacuum, clean up specific rooms, sanitize toys, or organize art supplies. 

Come Volunteer With Us

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